The Thrive Approach

What is Thrive?

The Thrive Approach is a powerful way of working with children and young people that supports optimal social and emotional development.

It equips us to work in a targeted way with children who may have struggled with difficult life events to help them re-engage with life and learning.


Why Thrive?

We recognised that we had groups of children that were not healthy, happy or confident in school and therefore were not ready and open to learning.

  • Based on recent advances in neuroscience, attachment theory and child development.
  • Helps staff and parents to understanding that challenging and troubling behaviour is a form of communication.
  • Each child gets a bespoke plan which is able to be monitored and progress tracked.

How Thrive is implemented at Hillary

All teachers/TA’s deliver weekly Thrive lessons for right time development (EYFS-Thinking, Y1-3 Power and Identity, Y4-6 Skills and structure).

  • Thrive mentors deliver bespoke 1:1 or small group lessons within the Nest.
  • All classroom have a clam down area for children that is accessed as needed.
  • The Nest is used for ‘reflection’ and bespoke interventions.
  • Thrive is assessed every 13 weeks (in line with academic assessments).

Thrive Impact

In October 2018 511/690 children needed Thrive support. As of July 2019, only 96 children needed Thrive support.

Tracking of card changes has helped us to identify that English lessons were failing to meet children’s needs and so the coordinator has bought The Power of Reading. Behaviour in English lessons is now clam and conducive to effective teaching and learning.

Children identified they didn’t feel safe at break times. This has now been addressed.

Academically, Thrive children that had the potential to pass SAT’s, but were struggling to full fill this due to life events were given mentors for academic year 2018-19 and all passed their Y6 SATs (see RC, casestudy).

If you want to find out more about The Thrive Approach please visit their website:

Thrive Parent Workshops