Good To Be Green Behaviour System


In each classroom there is a chart displaying the child’s name and behind each name the child has 3 cards which are used alongside positive reinforcement of the school code of conduct.

1)  Green Card  - The majority of children will have a green card displayed by their name. This is because they have been following the code consistently.

2)  Yellow Card  - Occasionally children will need a reminder of behaviour expectations in school. If a child needs reminding 3 times of our expectations they will be told to change their card to yellow. The card will remain on yellow until the end of the day when the card will be changed to green ready to start the new day a fresh.

3)  Red Card  - If a child continues not to follow the code of conduct, they will be requested to change their card to red. The child will then be seen by a member of the Leadership team at lunchtime detention. There will be rare occasions where a child’s behaviour will take them straight to red e.g. physical fighting and verbal abuse. Once a child receives a red card it is recorded and parents will be informed by telephone.