Child Not Collected from School Policy

As a parent/carer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected at the end of the school day. It is essential that parents/carers provide the school with a record of their contact details i.e. names, addresses, home, work and mobile telephone numbers. Parents should also provide the school with the contact details of at least two other relatives/carers who can be called when the parent/carer cannot be contacted or in the event of an emergency. Should any of these details change, parents/carers should inform the school immediately.

If you are unexpectedly delayed and are unable to collect, or will be late collecting your child from school, please contact the school immediately by telephoning 01922 720812.

If you arrange for another adult to collect your child, you must let the school know the details of that person.

If you are unable to arrange for another adult to collect your child, then the school will ask After School Club to look after your child. There will be a charge if we have to take this action.  

If contact has not been made by 5.30 pm a telephone call will be made with childrens services informing them of the situation.