A gallery of children's work

Christmas in China by Rayyaan (Year 5)

Christmas around the world by Sabiha (Year 5)

It’s so great to see the children back in the classrooms, where they belong. Although there have been many changes, all the children have adjusted to their new bubbles. Well done! They have shown great reciprocity and resilience.

Our mission, as dedicated staff, is to ensure that every single child feels safe and happy at school. Therefore, we have adapted our daily timetable which allows the children time to wash their hands and keep safe consistently throughout the day. Alongside this, we have developed a balanced, nurturing curriculum, this includes:

  • Thrive activities
  • Outdoor PE lessons (x2 a week)
  • Music lessons (x1 a week)
  • Engaging Maths and English lessons


Meet the team:

Assistant Heads for Phase 5/6: Miss Dawkins and Ms Seward

Year 5 staff: Mr Hassell, Mrs Ravat, Miss Dardi, Mrs Zahoor, Miss Roberts, Miss Macey,

Mrs Yaseen

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